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Name:Amadahy Lavellan

24|October 7th

Arrival at Skyhold

Free Marches

Dalish, Elf

Mother, Father, Sister

Common, Dalish


Unusually tall for an elf, which brings about concerns of his lineage. He took an interest in Orlesian flourish and Tevinter fashions at a young age. He began wearing his hair long, ignoring the impracticality. Elaborate braids were his choice of control for it, learned from an Orlesian girl.

A fine hunter, with both bow and charm. He has a preference for smiles and not for frowns, as well as for foolishness unbecoming of him. He lays his mind open for new ideas, moving further away from his original Dalish beliefs to a distinct choice of questioning everything. This resulted in him refusing his Vallaslin, thus is considered a child still. He learned to paint his face when needed to avoid embarrassment with his clan.
Not that his clan wasn't happy to let him take any errand that leads him away from it...

  • HUNTING Like most Dalish young men, he chose the bow, though hardly showed much aptitude at first. While his sister proved talented, he proved rather disappointing when he first began. A lot of hardwork has led him to be one of the better shots in the clan, though still second best to his sister.
  • TAILORING Dalish may appreciate the artistry of beading, embroidery and embelleshments but Amadahy has taken it to the next level in his own sense of style. He has a personal fondness for Antivan style stitching with Tevinter fashion sense.
  • ANCHOR Strange mark on his left hand. He finds it irritating and problematic at most, but spends more time ignoring its existance until its actually needed.
  • ENVY He spends quite a bit of time each day on his elaborate hair styles and enjoys luxury that most Dalish never get a taste of. HIs clothing is well crafted and he carries himself as one who plays The Game of Orlais with skill but regardless of his own pride, he is an elf and is unable to escape the Dalish that is well worn into him as well. Most humans remind him of his place in the world often.
  • GLIB Has a distinct lack of desire to take too much of life seriously. He laughs, loves and moves on from lovers and spends too much time dancing along the edges of Tevinter. He tests boundaries with the subconscious belief he is indestructable as most young men have.
  • DISCONNECTION Fascination with the cultures held by humans and city elves has put a rift between himself and the Dalish. The problem is that he stands apart from city elves because he still holds some of the Dalish tradition in his heart. Humans naturally see him as what he is. An elf who doesn't fit in quite anywhere.
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This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing' I am not a Lavellan, who is the property of Bioware. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.
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